About Me:

Hi there, my name is Kevin Grant. I’m a 28 year old recently graduated electrical engineer (6 months into job search) I currently weigh in at 365 pounds. I have been overweight from as far back as I can possibly remember. After my graduation (Dec. 2016) with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering I found myself weighing in at 380+ pounds. That’s right I weighed almost as much as two average dudes on my 5’11” body frame. (Ladies round to 6’) When I saw that scale my immediate thought, “This cannot be good.” Getting that degree was no easy task. After years of discipline and hard work and achieving the certificate that I needed to start on my new life’s journey, in the moment of them calling my name to the stage I felt absolutely terrible in what should have been my time of glory and celebration. I was 380 pounds and could barely stand in line at my graduation ceremony without feeling like my knees are just about to take a power nap. Long hours spent studying and working
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